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One might ask when looking at a makeup artists site "well, what services do you offer?" I offer a few different types of services, and prices vary depending. I'd like to give you an idea of what I offer and what things cost so that you can decide if I am the right Makeup Artist for you. As a freelancer this is what I need in order to give you A grade service. Here is a list of pricing's and services offered:

Service Breakdown:

Corporate- If your a corporate company and you need a hair and makeup person for CEO headshots, group photos, or company brochures I have a half day rate and a full day rate. That includes hair and makeup for all company members being photographed or interviewed or in a video of some sort. The pricing for a half day is $400 and a full day is $800. This includes a kit fee. No extra hidden fees apply. A half day is 5 hours or less and a full day is 10 hours or less. 

Bridal- For brides, I can offer a few different services. For bridal I only do makeup, as I feel it is something that needs to be done in depth for this special occasion. Also, I have hairstylists I can always call out to work with. If you want to seek out your own hairstylist that is fine too! I'd need to be solely focused on makeup for this event. For brides I do require that we do a trial, so that we have gone over the look and figured out a plan for the Makeup and we can feel extra confident on the day of the wedding. The price of the trial is $250 and the price of the actual makeup for the wedding is $300. For out of New York City weddings travel fees apply. For bridal party members, it is $75 per person. They receive fantastic service but it will be a slightly lighter approach. It is up to you and your bridesmaids whether or not you wish to receive makeup application however this needs to be planned in advance. Details can be discussed via email. Also, if you wish to hire me for a trial, and not hire me for the wedding, that is okay too. I can teach you how to do it yourself for your special day if thats something you would prefer. 

The reason the trial price is $250 is because I will be traveling to whatever location is most convenient for you, and I will be taking this very seriously. I must do a lot of outside research after talking to you and making sure I have a list of products and material. Most of the time I will have these tools already, but sometimes I buy them myself specifically to meet your needs as the bride. Its going to be extra special! I am going to be treating you as my number one client for this magnificent time in your life. You will have my full attention!

Film/Commercial/Video- Pricing does vary depending on the nature of the project. However rates are usually the same as corporate. That means $400 for a half day and $800 for a full day. With this category a full day is 12 hours or less. However, I will negotiate based on your production company's budget. I will offer services for both hair and makeup if thats what you need based on your budget. For celebrity's that bring their own hair and makeup team, I need to be aware of this in advance so I can plan accordingly and we can discuss what that means for my rate. 

Private Online Consulting- As mentioned on my blog. This is a new service I am offering. This service is so that I can talk to you online about how you want to look, and feel with your hair and makeup. We can talk about your concerns with your hair and makeup and I will give you guidance on what colors are best for you, what products are best for you, and at home treatments you can do. This is really for people who want to be taught about makeup and hair but they don't really know where to go to learn, and they are a bit shy. We can do this over Skype or simply just G-chat. You can email me photos of yourself or a little video of yourself. Its a one hour lesson/consult and its $100. Payment must be made via Paypal ahead of time and we can talk about how to do that. Some people never learned how to do their own hair and makeup, which is totally normal. I can talk to you and teach you. I am here to help you. If your a male and your seeking advice on how to take care of your skin and hair this service applies to you as well. It's great for aspiring actors, models, men seeking employment, or just looking to improve your confidence. We can talk male grooming products and hair treatments, as well as daily skin routine. If your suffering from hair loss I can talk to you about that as well, as I have some treatments. 

For more information please email me through the contact page.

I hope to service all your hair and makeup needs in the future! 

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