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Helping the Homeless As a Freelance MUA:

 Hey Yall! Its me Emma. Well, I guess you know that since this is my blog, and my website. Heh heh heh. Well this topic isn't quite about Makeup, but something I'd like to discuss. As a freelancer its not always easy to make money. Living in a big city there are millions of homeless people. It is very heartbreaking. In the political climate that we are in, its even more heartbreaking. When I think about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer I feel completely helpless. However I do think, that its possible to help the homeless even with what little I may have. I realized this a few weeks ago. I said to myself, I don't have much, but I don't have nothing at all. And with the much that I have, why not give some away? So I started giving more dollars and cents out to the homeless recently. I know I cannot put a roof over their head or make everything go away for them, but I do think acknowledging them and giving them a little bit of money when you can is a really nice thing to do. I am not trying to sound holier than thou when I say this. Like, oh look at me I'm so kind. No. Believe me, I have walked by hundreds of homeless people day in and day out and just thought to myself "well, I'm broke so how can I possibly give money away?" But I do think, that if you have a dollar, or two, rather than spend it on a cup of coffee or a pack of gum, give it away. Give it to someone who is starving. Then they can at least get a piece of bread or a slice of pizza. Hey theres 99 cent pizza joints all over the place right? The thing that makes me the most sad about seeing a homeless person is that they must be so lonely. Back in 2014 or so I worked on a music video by Steve Earle, one of my favorite singer songwriters. The video and song is called "Invisible" and its just about this very thing. How invisible the homeless feel. Its so heartbreaking to think that these people get ignored. And that there are so many wealthy people in the world, with so much more than enough. But yet these people got the short end of the stick. And I know some of them are drug addicts or whatever and that they are somewhat responsible, but still. You cant blame them for being down on their luck. Especially since they probably never had the chance. Yesterday I was walking up a hill I often walk up, in Harlem to get to a class I am taking at City College. There is a homeless man and woman camping out on the hill. They are sleeping outside and they have set up a little home for themselves on this hill. I had 7 dollars in my wallet so I went up to the woman who was just sitting there alone and I said "here, why don't you take this" it was just two dollars. Two dollars that sure maybe I need but I really don't need. Because I waste money on frivolous things all the time. Like makeup, and clothes, and hair products, and coffee, and food that I don't need because I have food. Heck my whole entire entity as a makeup artist is based on things that aren't needed for survival. And I have shelter and clothing. I might not have as much stability as I would like but deep down I know I am okay. So why not give a little to someone who is not? So anyway the woman, on the hill, her name is Quanta. She is so nice, and she was just so happy to have someone talk to her. She said she feels completely alone. So we talked for about 15 minutes and hugged and laughed. Now, when I see her again I will say hi. I am going to try to give a little to the homeless whenever I can. It's easy. So why not try? There is so much money in the world. I wish more people had it. And it wasn't clustered amongst certain people. I don't know how this happened. Everyone should have food shelter and clothing. I try not to be a political hothead but I'll be damned, Donald Trump and people like the Koch brothers should be giving these people shelter. They have property all over the place yet haven't opened up good shelters. Why? I don't think they truly care. With all the Trump towers there should be Trump shelters. I wish he would change, I wish he would be different. If I cant change him I can at least change myself. Help people in the way that I can.

As a freelance Makeup Artist there isn't that much I can do. But whatever little I have, someone has less than me. So I will try to give a little of that away. 

Thats it for me today, till next time! Thanks for reading.  :-)



Hi There!

I know its been awhile since I've posted on this blog. I just wanted to share some very exiting news. I am now adding a special service to my repertoire. A lot of people want to know how to do their makeup and hair to look their best. But they dread going to makeup counters, and looking through fashion magazines can be discouraging. Its pretty hard to want to focus on yourself when looking at images of supermodels. Youtube is an fantastic place to seek beauty advice (I use it all the time!) but wouldn't it be nice to just talk to a professional one on one without having the pressure to buy a bunch of stuff?

I am offering virtual G-chat and Skype beauty sessions. This way, you can learn what looks best on you, and what works for you from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you are shy we can simply G-chat and if you want to email me photos of yourself you are more than welcome, but if you just want to talk and describe yourself that is fine too! Whatever works for YOU. I will recommend a color palette and specific hair products and or at home remedies for hair treatments. I will explain different beauty techniques that suit your face shape and bone structure, as well as how to style your hair to optimize it to its full potential. I will recommend products based on your personal needs and budget. Think of it as online image consulting solely for hair and makeup. Also, I'd like to think of it as beauty therapy. A one hour session with me is $100. And I think you'll find its a worthwhile investment in yourself. Think of it this way, if you do this at a makeup counter they usually pressure you to spend at least $75. And your dealing with crowds, fluorescent lighting, and loud music. You can decide if you want to shop, or you might realize you have what you need at home, and you will now know how to use the tools you already have to their full potential. I can also send you links to where to buy anything you might want online.  

Payment must be made before the session and due to how busy I am these sessions are non refundable. However, if you need to reschedule I can give you credit of the one time purchase, and we can do it at a later date. 

If this interests you please email me through the contacts page!

Much love,



Highlight and Shadow

Highlights and shadows are so important when it comes to all visual art. Photography, painting, drawing, and in my line of work, makeup application. Using highlights and shadows as a tool to bring out different plains and sharpen ones features is extremely vital. Icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sophia Lauren, all had a makeup artist on set or before a red carpet appearance, using their extreme knowledge of highlights and shadows, bringing out their exquisite beauty, for all the world to see. 

Let me explain. The buzzword that everyone is using now to describe what it is that I mean by "highlights and shadows" is "contour." The word contour is absolutely what you are doing with highlight and shadow. But one can get a bit confused when they hear the word contour, because they assume that involves heavy makeup, which it does not. Its simply about knowing where to put the highlights, and where, to put the shadows.

So, I shall describe, to the best of my ability, so it makes sense. First things first, highlight and shadow is not to be done until the skin is evened out. To even out the skin you need a foundation and a concealer. If you choose to use a thicker, or thinner foundation, that is completely up to personal preference. Sometimes I prefer a thinner foundation, and that is when I use a BB cream, or a CC cream, or a Tinted Moisturizer. For concealer, if I am feeling like it I use a "thin concealer" aka, foundation as concealer, or I use a regular concealer, something that is pigmented enough to cover fully, the discoloration around the eye.

Once the skin is evened out go ahead and set with powder. You are better off making sure the face is polished off, so you can see what you are working with. I choose to go straight to the brows. Then it is time to do the highlight and shadow.

You need a darker shade, and a lighter shade, of what the coming home shade is. For shadow, I would use a bronzer, and for highlight, I would take a light beige eyeshadow, or even a white eyeshadow (probably more so at night, during the day it wouldn't look right) but overall, a shade that is darker than your foundation, and a shade that is lighter than your foundation. The highlight and the shadow placed next to one another are like yin and yang, its color theory at its best.

So, you take your brush and you gently load it up with shadow, you want to place it in the hollows of your cheeks (aka, when you suck in your cheeks, where your cheeks go in) then on the neck area, and gently frame your face with it. Once that is done, you take a separate brush for highlight, load it up, and place the highlight down your nose, on your cupids bow (above the lip) on your upper cheekbone, and in on a perfect circle on your chin. Once that is done, you take a big clean brush, and blend it all in. And that is how you highlight and shadow. You will see how positively it affects the shape of your face, brings out your bone structure to make you look sophisticated and elegant, and really just beautiful. You will feel like "you" when you do this, in the best possible way. Never highlight and shadow if you have not fully evened out your skin, because then it defeats the purpose and makes the face look "dirty."

Would you light a set to be photographed if you haven't cleaned it and set the props into place? Probably not :) Everything in order. Evening out the skin, and highlight and shadow are something I am so passionate about. It's amazing what those key beginning steps to a makeup application does to the face. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog entry. There is tons of reading about this and you can always go to the YouTube channels of Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge to see amazing demonstrations of what I am talking about. Also, getting the books by Kevyn Aucoin is essential. I highly recommend purchasing those books if you are passionate about Makeup. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you will continue to read more. Next entry will be about the "real" primary colors, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. :)


Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow

Thats right, the printer ink. When it comes to Color Theory, it is my religion. I am utterly obsessed with color, how it affects your mood, how it brings out different features in your face, what complementary, tertiary, secondary colors, are, well, lets just say, I'm a color happy. They say the primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue. I am not going to say that thats false, but I simply subscribe to a different idea. The idea is that Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, are the Primary Colors. The book that I studied which gave me this belief is called Color Theory Made Easy: A New Approach to Color Theory and How to Apply it to Mixing Paints, by Jim Ames.

I highly recommend it, it will give you a strong foundation that is very important to Makeup. 

So, the reason why Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, are the true primary colors, is because you can make every single color out of those three colors, except for white. Aside from white, you can make every single color, even black. To give you a relatable example, when I use my Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Pallet, which has tons of bright colors, and silver, I can make black. Because that pallet has Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. When I mix those three shades together, boom I have black eyeshadow. 

With Cyan Magenta, and Yellow, you do not need any other colors except for white, to make any other color you need. Say its Halloween and you want to wear lavender face paint. You completely forgot to order it on Alcone and you were really exited about turning into a Lilac Fairy. Now that you know that you can make any color out of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, you can make Lavender face paint. Simply take a reddish pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow (preferably as close to Cyan as possible, aka a true bright blue) and the yellowist foundation you own, gold eyeshadow if you have it, take a little pallet knife and scoop out the eyeshadow, scoop out the foundation, scoop off a chunk of the lipstick, crush everything up and mix it together, then add whatever eyeshadow or cosmetic tool you can find that is as close to white as possible. Mix these things up. I guarantee you, you will get Lavender face paint. This goes with any color. If you need coral, hunter green, mint green, once you study this color theory that Cyan Magenta and Yellow are the true primary colors and can make any color except for white, your world will open! This is why those are the printer ink colors. Because the printer is expected to print whatever image you want, and those three colors will make it happen! This is why I love visual art so much. Its a never ending see of possibilities. And Makeup Artistry, is a true extension of painting. 

My best friend just had a baby, and I made her a cartoon painting with a bunny in a forest with lots of flowers, and many different colors. I wanted to test my theory so I went to the art supply store and bought my primary colors and a white tube. This painting had lots of pastel shades, so I thought, can this really work? It really did. I made an extremely colorful painting, with lots of pastel candy colors and bright colors and even classic colors. All from this color theory. I didn't need to buy lavender, hot pink, beige, baby pink, orange, or any other color.

Did you know that the true primary colors are Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow? :) Try it out. Its fun!


Being A Makeup Artist

Being a Makeup Artist is extremely difficult. It is not a glamorous job. Yes Makeup is fun and creative, but for the most part the job in itself is extremely hard, fruitless, and boring. That may be disappointing to hear if your someone that is about to step into this career, but you should know if its something you are thinking about doing professionally. I remember a few years ago running into a childhood friend and his mom, at the new restaurant that they opened up. She used to be a big executive at CBS, or NBC, one of the major networks. She asked me what I was up to and I said "well, I am a Makeup Artist" she gave me a huge hug and shook my shoulders and said "its a tough business." I remember thinking at the time, that it was nice that someone understood, but also a feeling a bit of dread like, wow, this may not get any easier. She didn't get all googly eyed and say "oh wow, how exiting! do you get to do makeup on celebrities?" She knew what it was really like.

The truth is, being a Makeup Artist means waking up at 4am, to be on set, so you can stand around for 12 hours, bored to tears, and then have to wait 30 days or more for your paycheck. It means not being called by your name, but by being called "Makeup" and being constantly told to get out of the way, even after they just asked you to run in and touch someone up. I might be being particularly negative about it now. You see, I am currently waiting on two months worth of rent money, from various corporate jobs. They all say "I should be getting paid shortly" sadly, this is the way it is. Every Makeup Artist knows this. We are all in it together. Sometimes its really fun, and there are big wins. Like doing makeup on Seth Meyers or working with Louie CK, but most of the time, I am just waking up at the crack of dawn to be bored. Because the thing is, most of the time the director, or producer, really just wants a Makeup Artist on set to make sure the person on camera doesn't look shiny. So for 12 hours, you are just going up to the person in front of the camera, putting powder on their forehead and chapstick on their lips, and that is it. Its a job, just like anything else.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be partnered with another Makeup Artist who is my buddy for the day, which is fun. Sometimes, I get paired up with someone insufferable. Working in film and tv is far from easy. Its one big backache if you ask me. I will say though, that from personal experience I prefer working in film and tv over fashion. Fashion sort of feels like high school, I walk into a huge all white studio with fancy catering and they are probably blasting Kanye West (with no regard for the fact that people may not want to hear explicit lyrics) and people are staring at their phones all day pretending not to notice anyone next to them. It feels like your walking into a cafeteria full of mean girls. Film, tv and commercial work is usually much better. The people are often friendly and nice. So, while both genres you are bored, at least the second is a "where in this together" type of bored, rather than a "I'm to cool for you " scenario which is really sad and lonely.

Another thing to keep in mind, is its feast or famine. You are either booked a lot for weeks at a time, or not at all. Which can be quite embarrassing if your dating someone new! They might think you are a lazy slug if you meet them during your slow season. Or they might think your a trust fund baby! I've had to explain "no I swear, I DO work! No I cant just get a job, if you stick around a little longer I swear, I'm going to get busy!" Its quite humiliating... It's really not an easy life. If you love Makeup and are thinking of becoming a Makeup Artist, don't assume its going to be all rainbows and sparkles, because its not. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but its important to hear the truth, this is not a glamorous job!

In reality, most of the time work is hard, and in this particular field, it is just as hard as anything else. To combat the depressing aspects you can do things like volunteer for organizations that use Makeup Artists as part of the event, such as an LBGTQ or anti bullying organization. You can practice fun techniques on your friends, where you are appreciated and exited. I try to do things like that so that its not "all work" and sometimes I'm just doing it for my own practice or trying to help someone out. That can mix it up a bit and be more enjoyable. But remember, this is not going to make you rich and famous and you do have to deal with a lot of long hours, competitive people, and there is a lot of grunt work involved. If reading this you are STILL determined, I say go for it. But I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, being a Makeup Artist is NOT easy! Thanks for reading and I’m sorry to be discouraging, but this is the honest truth. Lots of Love, Emma <3


Hello and welcome to my blog! 

This blog is about Makeup, and Painting/Drawing/Illustration and how they all connect and are interwoven. Deep down I am a painter but I never thought I'd be able to make a living at it, so I chose Makeup Art. Because I felt it would put me in a position to have to get in the world and interact with people while doing something creative involving color and technique with the brush. Thats what I love to do! In this blog I will try to relate a lot of things I learned in art class to what I learned in Makeup class and how it all meshes together. A lot of Makeup Artists are left handed. We think differently. So, here are some articles describing my perception of the world in a very visual based way. Visual art is my passion. Painting is where it all starts, and I get to paint faces for work! Its pretty awesome. I hope you will read my blog entries. If not, I understand! Love, Emma

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